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about us

Sing Slavic is a group of vocalists from all backgrounds that loves sharing Slavic folk songs with the greater Philadelphia community. This West Philly-based ensemble draws inspiration from Eastern European customs to exhibit songs from countries like Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, and Russia. Through the traditional use of chest voice, Sing Slavic celebrates the Slavic folk tradition through creativity, accessibility, and unapologetic self-expression.

Sing Slavic began in 2011 as the Philadelphia Women's Slavic Ensemble. PWSE was initially just a few friends sharing Slavic folk songs with each other. Since then, we have outgrown both the West Philly living rooms and the name. In 2021, the group adopted its current name, Sing Slavic, to better reflect its members' identities.

 Find us at all types of community events, usually with homemade flower crowns and a giant bottle of red wine.

Interested in joining? Booking? Get in touch!

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