"Slavadelphia" CD

"Slavadelphia" CD

Slavadelphia is our first full length studio album release! Recorded at Calvary U.M. Church in West Philadelphia on July 11, 2018.


Each CD is hand decorated by Sing Slavic members. Each disc is completely unique and one-of-a-kind!



1. Predite Prelje - Croatia
2. Bre Petrunko - Bulgaria
3. Kafal Sviri - Bulgaria
4. Maika Rada - Bulgaria
5. Vrbice - Kosovo
6. Shto Mi e Milo - Macedonia
7. Dilmano Dilbero - Bulgaria

8. Shtoy Pa Moru - Belarus
9. Teften Kate - Bulgaria
10. Cetina - Croatia
11. Ajde Jano - Serbia

12. Djurdjevdan - Serbia/Croatia
13. Niska Banja - Serbia/Roma
Arr.: Nick Page
14. Ergen Deda - Bulgaria
Arr.: Filip Kutev


Tracks were recorded, edited and mixed by members Cassie G., Kate M., and Alex S.

Choir photo by Mike Ragusa. 


    CD comes in a slim jewel case, but do not come shrinkwrapped. 


    An additional $4 will be added if needed to be shipped outside of Philadelphia. 

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$10.00Sale Price