"Slavadelphia" is our first full length studio album release! Recorded at Calvary U.M. Church in West Philadelphia (in a single take!) on July 11, 2018.


Each CD is hand decorated by Philadelphia Women*s Slavic Ensemble members. Each disc is completely unique and one-of-a-kind! The cost of the CD reflects shipping. 



1. Predite Prelje - Croatia
inspired by: Slaveya (Wesleyan U.)
2. Bre Petrunko - Bulgaria
inspired by: Yale Women’s Slavic Chorus
3. Kafal Sviri - Bulgaria
inspired by: Katena. Arr.: Filip Kutev
4. Maika Rada - Bulgaria
inspired by: The Pennywhistlers
5. Vrbice - Kosovo
inspired by: Laboratorium Piesni
6. Shto Mi e Milo - Macedonia
inspired by: The Pennywhistlers
7. Dilmano Dilbero - Bulgaria
inspired by: Yale Women’s Slavic Chorus

8. Shtoy Pa Moru - Belarus
inspired by: Laboratorium Piesni
9. Teften Kate - Bulgaria
inspired by: Yale Women’s Slavic Chorus
10. Cetina - Croatia
inspired by: Klapa FA Lindjo
11. Ajde Jano - Serbia
inspired by: Kroke & Natasha Atlas
12. Djurdjevdan - Serbia/Croatia
inspired by: Les Glotte-Trotters
13. Niska Banja - Serbia/Roma
Arr.: Nick Page
14. Ergen Deda - Bulgaria
inspired by: Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir
Arr.: Filip Kutev


Tracks were recorded, editedand mixed by members Cassie G., Kate M., and Alex S.

Choir photo by Mike Ragusa. 

"Slavadelphia" CD

  • CD comes in a slim jewel case, but do not come shrinkwrapped. 

  • Cost of shipping is reflected in the product price. Shipped via USPS in a protected envelope.